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Pelinsan Elektronik Sistemleri Ltd. Şti.

We, as Pelinsan Elektronik, have been providing turnkey system and product solutions with the latest technologies in broadcast and radio industry of Turkey since 1991. We have been focusing on TV/Radio transmission systems by producing our own products, representing important brands from abroad and offering our turnkey solutions to our customers since our beginning.

As our business continued growing, we added LED lighting systems to our product portfolio as we started manufacturing LED lights in Turkey as Pelinsan LED brand name.

Our experience and passion for bringing solutions with latest technologies to our customer have led us to produce our own Ka Band Antenna and Ka Band broadcasting van solutions by our own PCOM brand. Soon after, we have also developed PCOM Ka Band Auto Point Antenna System with enhanced GPS support to provide the most efficient and the most cost-effective live broadcasting solution for our customers. We, as Pelinsan Elektronik, continue our journey with our experience, passion, and vision even stronger than when we have started.

Our Fields of Business


We are the manufacturer of PCOM Ka Band antennas and live broadcasting van systems. We design Ka Band satellite systems and rent our vans for daily and weekly basis. Our PCOM Ka Band Satellite Antenna system allows any car to be turned into a DSNG van system. We are looking for system integrators and reseller in Ka Band ready regions to resell our antenna systems and affordable DSNG van solutions.


As we have been proving solutions for TV and Radio industry in Turkey for very long time, our customers demand our new products and new solutions with the latest technology, therefore we represent important brands in Turkey for broadcast and security industries.


We provide turnkey solutions and do system integration for broadcast/radio projects.  We are also integrating security systems we represent in Turkey for our customer in public sector.


We have been producing LED projectors, street lamps, and the variety of LED products with our Pelinsan LED brand name for over 15 years in Turkey. We are looking for partners to represent our LED products and solutions. Please kindly get in touch with us for further details.

Our Company History

June 1991

Pelinsan Elektronik was established

January 2001

We have started LED light production besides antenna production and repair

October 2013

Ka Band antenna production started with our own brand; PCOM.

August 2016

We released our Ka Band Auto Point Antenna with GPS support

October 2017

We started our sales/marketing/technical support services for live streaming devices and broadcast equipment in Turkey