Fortinge Prompters

Easy, smart, impactful!

Forpromt prompters will bring a totally new aspect to your events, meetings or studio broadcasts. After years of experience in system integration, Fortinge brings Forprompt prompters to you service for the best prompter usage experience.

Using prompters has never been that easy and impactful.




Fortinge Broadcast Monitors

All what you can expect from a broadcast monitor!

Fortinge broadcast monitors are designed to provide optimum cost benefit value. Fortinge broadcast monitors have all the features you can expect from broadcast monitor with affordable prices. There are 4 broadcast monitors available now:
PRO15, PRO17, PRO156, PRO173





Playout Software

Videowall Controller

Recording Software

About Fortinge

Fortinge is being known as the innovator company that produces functional products in the sector. It grows and renovates its technology day by day aiming to become the leader in the market.
Fortinge creates a difference with its fully experienced electronic and software engineers in R&D department and has the advantage of reflecting these experiences in user base that result with producing ergonomic products with easy use. As being the manufacturer we care about the feedbacks that help us to form our products accordingly.

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